TRECK (Trust, Reputation, Evidence and other Collaboration Know-how) track at ACM SAC 2014

TRECK (March 2014)

The goal of the ACM SAC2014 TRECK (Trust, Reputation, Evidence and other Collaboration Know-how) track was to review the set of applications that benefit from the use of computational trust and online reputation. For its 10th anniversary year the track, chaired by UNIGE’s JM Seigneur, had a special focus on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and corporate security, trust, risk and privacy.Two MUSES papers were presented:

  • MUSES: A corporate user-centric system which applies computational intelligence methods, presented by UGR’s Antonio Mora.
  • Case study: Legal Requirements for the Use of Social Login Features for Online Reputation Updates, presented by KUL’s Yung Shin Van der Sype.