MUSES will attend the Cybersecurity and Privacy Innovation FORUM

The Cybersecurity and Privacy Innovation FORUM event will be held in Brussels on 27-28 April 2015 and MUSES will participate at it.

The CSP Innovation Forum 2015 is organised by the European Commission, DG CNECT (Unit H4 Trust & Security) and the CSP Forum. This event will include DG CNECT H2020 information sessions relating to ‘Digital Security:Cybersecurity,Privacy & Trust’ calls in 2015, and hot topical technical track sessions on challenges and issues in the Cybersecurity and Privacy Domain Read more



The Trials of MUSES prototype #1, which started at the end of January, are still running. Currently, the experiment is about to be completed.

A total number of sixty participants of S2 Grupo staff are collaborating in MUSES validation experiment. These participants belong to Consultancy department mainly and to Valencia CERT staff, driven by S2 Grupo. All them have high knowledge of IT technologies but are not aware of MUSES behavior, to make the trials blind to the expected behavior of the system. An average of thirty participants are connected each day.

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Muses-Hackathon Results

The first MUSES-related hackathon took place during the last MUSES’s partners meeting in Granada. One main project starred the hackathon, the Muses server web based user interface, which is devoted to allow the CSO to configure and control MUSES, and to access the MUSES feedback.

This project was finally named MusesSRM, which stands for Muses Security and Risk Management GUI for MUSES server, and it has its own repository inside the MUSES project Github website:

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