MUSES in the CSP Forum

MUSES participation in the CSP Forum

Last week, 28-29 April, Cyber Security and Privacy Innovation Forum 2015 (CSP Forum) took place in Brussels. Besides conferences and panels, there was an exhibition of many of the FP7 and H2020 -funded cyber security related projects. Among them, one you know very well: MUSES. Sergio Zamarripa (S2 Grupo) and Yasir Ali (Sweden Connectivity) were in charge of everything, running the stand and giving explanations and brochures to all visitors

Yasir talks about his impressions of the event:

“I think the event was certainly very helpful to meet people with interest in Cyber Security and Privacy.
Our preparation was quite good, I think, specially the videos helped a lot in order to bring people to our booth and then have a chance to explain them about MUSES.
The people we met were quite interested in MUSES and did like the idea of enforcing security policies on employees.
There were a lot of questions and interest regarding the legal impact of monitoring user behavior and how we are handling it.
Overall it was a nice experience for me as I had the chance to gather more info about Cyber security and privacy and off course explain to people what we have been doing in MUSES”

In addition to the stand, Miguel A. Juan (S2 Grupo) participated in a round table about Cyber security SMEs participating in R&D projects and helped a little with the exhibition.

The balance was very positive. Many people were very interested in MUSES results, what gives us even more motivation to make the last effort to close a successful project in the last quarter of this year.