Applying soft computing techniques to corporate mobile security systems, Masters Thesis by MUSES researcher Paloma de las Cuevas

UGR’s Paloma de las Cuevas’ Masters Thesis, “Applying soft computing techniques to corporate mobile security systems”
which was submitted last September, is now available on slideshare,

The thesis reflects her work carried out under the scope of MUSES; an abstract is provided below

Corporate workers increasingly use their own devices for work purposes, in a trend that has come to be called the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) philosophy and companies are starting to include it in their policies. For this reason, corporate security systems need to be redefined and adapted, by the corporate Information Technology (IT) department, to these emerging behaviours. This work proposes applying soft-computing techniques, in order to help the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of a company (in charge of the IT department) to improve the
security policies.
The actions performed be company workers under a BYOD situation will be treated as events: an action or set of actions yielding to a response. Some of those events might cause a non compliance with some corporate policies, and then it would be necessary to define a set of security rules (action, consequence). Furthermore, the processing of the extracted knowledge will allow the rules to be adapted.

Tesis Paloma 2014