Blended lives and MUSES trials, a post by Enrico Frumento

Today, we live a blended life. We experience a world where physical and virtual encounters seamlessly merge. We blend our private and professional lives due to the flexibility to work at any time from different locations.

The deep penetration of ICT into the veins of our society has provided ubiquitous communication and information access resulting in a blended life. A blended life in the sense that the physical and virtual world are merging into one where physical encounters with friends and family are seamlessly integrated with virtual encounters on social networks. A blended life in the sense that it allows us to combine work and private life in a way that offers the flexibility to work at any time from different locations. Blended life is a reality and as such it brings both opportunities and challenges. The mobile technologies offer new opportunities to combine private and professional lives in ways that were unforeseen. With the diffusion and wide adoption of blended lifestyles also the privacy and security threats change. The blending of personal and professional data creates new attack opportunities.

Already now the security landscape has changed radically and the personal and business worlds are being equally attacked in the most recent threats [1]. While the shift of paradigms is under everyone’s eyes, the availability of properly designed solutions is still to appear. This is the real motivation of MUSES, which tries to work out the current limitations of most market products pushing more on the dynamic adaptation of policy enforcing though a remotely driven real time risk management engine. But as stated above personal and business lives are colliding and it’s not anymore possible to create protection solutions only aimed at professional environments, this is also why MUSES will start the 3rd year with a great set of trials and with real users and stories, in order to streamline all the usability issues and problems.

[1] E. Frumento, R. Puricelli, “An innovative and comprehensive framework for Social Driven Vulnerability Assessment”, DeepSec Conference 2014, 18-21 November 2014, Wien, Austria