Enhancing Mobile Malware: a Remote Access Tool Case Study – a post by Enrico Frumento

Cyber-attacks are quite common nowadays: data breaches, malware, botnets, phishing are some of the (buzz)words we hear almost constantly in the media. While these attacks were once carried out by “white hat” hackers, whose purpose was to bypass security systems as a hobby or intellectual challenge, now they are performed mostly by criminals, with the aim of making profit.

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MUSES Plenary Meeting in Valencia – Day 3

The final session of the MUSES plenary meeting was devoted to the discussion of the forthcoming execution of the trials of Prototype #1, which are foreseen to start by the end of 2014 – early 2015.

A number of issues were raised covering different areas, mainly Goal and Metric definition (following the GQM methodology), trial set up and user interaction and the legal aspects involved.

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MUSES Plenary Meeting in Valencia – Day 2

The plenary session was devoted to review the developments in the project in its second year and plan ahead for Year 3, which started yesterday.
There were presentations and a demo on Prototype #1, and on the latest techniques for rule learning, risk and opportunity handling, situation prediction and persuasive systems, as well as the legal aspects related to corporate security policies.




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