Self adaptation in MUSES via Computational Intelligence, presentation at the ECTA Conference in Rome

MUSES project was presented in the European Project Space (EPS) held as part of the ECTA Conference in Rome, Italy, on October 23rd. Paloma de las Cuevas, from UGR, gave an overview of the project in the EPS panel.

Then, at the EPS session, a more detailed view of MUSES was presented, covering how Computational Intelligence techniques are used in order to endow the system with a self-adaptation ability; the system architecture and examples of how MUSES works were also introduced. A poster about MUSES was also displayed during the three days of conference. Both the presentations and the poster were warmly welcomed and people from different universities requested information, wanting to know more about MUSES.

ECTA 2014 is the 6th International Conference on Evolutionary Computation Theory and Applications, part of IJCCI, the International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence.

PalomaPresentingAtECTA2014 MUSESposterAtECTA2014-10-23 JJandPaloma