MUSES demo at the Embedded Conference Scandinavia

Sweden Connectivity’s Markus Burvall and Yasir Ali attended the Embedded Conference Scandinavia (ECS) held on 4-5 November

This ninth edition of the Embedded Conference Scandinavia further strengthens its position as Northern Europe’s leading meeting place for the international electronics industry. The conference included
– an exhibition with 90 exhibitors from all over Europe. A large proportion of the exhibitors, over half of the speakers and many visitors come from countries other than Sweden.
– 5 simultaneous tracks with seminars

Sweden Connectivity had a booth and showed the MUSES demo and our continuous Integration System running System tests on MUSES.

The MUSES setup consisted of a server running MUSES server and the MUSES Client on an Android tablet. Four specific Features were demonstrated:
– login and start of monitoring
– the device protection policy for screen lock
– user access control in monitored files
– detection of execution of blacklisted application

There was quite a lot of interest in the MUSES project and MUSES functionality.
Some comments included:
– “Why doesn’t this kind of system exist already?”
– “I will definitely check it out on GitHub!”