Muses-Hackathon Results

The first MUSES-related hackathon took place during the last MUSES’s partners meeting in Granada. One main project starred the hackathon, the Muses server web based user interface, which is devoted to allow the CSO to configure and control MUSES, and to access the MUSES feedback.

This project was finally named MusesSRM, which stands for Muses Security and Risk Management GUI for MUSES server, and it has its own repository inside the MUSES project Github website:

The project is being developed with NetBeans.
Both days of the hackathon were very successful, with a total of 44 commits by 7 contributors. Also, 18 issues (tasks) were opened, two of which were closed. As a result, at the end of the hackathon, a first version of the whole structure of the GUI was created. It looks like the picture below:

muses srm picture


Webpages for every section were also created, and the issues which remain opened correspond to the implementation of the queries to the MUSES database, in order to fill those webpages with useful information for the CSO.

The contributors in the MUSES hackathon will remotely continue developing this useful tool, as well as giving MUSES visibility inside the Open Source Community.