MUSES panel in the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference next January

KU Leuven’s Yung Shin Van Der Sype will chair the panel ‘Combining privacy in the workplace with information security measures’, to be held within the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference in Brussels on Wednesday 21 January 2015

CPDP is a world-leading multidisciplinary conference that offers the cutting edge in legal, regulatory and academic and technological development in privacy and data protection, gathering academics, lawyers, practitioners, policy-makers, computer scientists and civil society from all over the world in Brussels, in an arena to exchange ideas and discuss the latest emerging issues and trends.

The panel homes in core MUSES issues. The workplace is typically a place where privacy and data protection are often challenged by several competing interests; the panel will highlight the exercise of balancing the employers’ security-related interests with the reasonable privacy expectations of their employees.

Since the value of information exchange increases, while humans are still considered as the weakest link in the company’s security chain, companies are required to take security measures in order to protect their information assets. Company information is stored on, or made available via, the company’s databases and networks. This information is accessible by using mobile devices whether or not furnished by the employer, from multiple places inside or outside the company premises. For this reason, the implementation of security measures requires a careful balancing of all legitimate interests at stake.

The debate in the panel will highlight the perspectives of academics, politicians, and businesses on the current situation of data protection in the workplace as well as on the foreseen future needs (in relation to the impact of the proposed General Data Protection Regulation).

Questions to be addressed by panel members: 

  • Where in your field of expertise did you encounter issues and experienced an imbalance between information security and data protection?
  • Do you think that the proposed GDPR might impact/influence the current situation of employee protection? (e.g. what are the foreseen/expected differences among Member States for protection in the employment context? What is the foreseen/expected impact of the consent provision? What is the foreseen/expected impact of network-security as a legal ground?
  • How do you think your field of expertise could contribute to a better information security management in a company-culture of privacy? (e.g. how to design security tools in a privacy-friendly way?)

Moderator: Reagan MacDonald

Chair: Yung Shin VAN DER SYPE, ICRI – KU Leuven (BE)

Panel Speakers: Frank HENDRICKX (KU Leuven, BE),  Nigel MOSS (Coca-Cola Enterprises, UK),  Stephanie RAETS (Claeys & Engels, BE), Walid MAALEJ (HITEC-University of Hamburg, GE)

Find the programme here.