MUSES researchers get best paper award for their analysis of trust in ODR mechanisms

KU Leuven’s Damian Clifford and Yung Shin Van Der Sype presented their full research paper at the IAITL Conference in Lisbon. The IAITL Conference Series is devoted to expanding understanding and developing international relationships among those who are working with issues dealing with information technology economic and public and private law.

The MUSES team-members’ analysis of trust in Online Dispute Resolution mechanisms earned them the CLSR (Computer Law and Security Review – Elsevier) award for best research paper.

The paper ‘Fides Fido: Online Dispute Resolution a trusted solution to e-commerce disputes?’ contributes to the work under Task 7.2 of the MUSES project. Task 7.2 ‘Policy recommendations for privacy, data security and trust’ addresses issues of privacy, security and trust from a more regulatory and policy perspective. Under this task it is analysed whether the current legal framework can suffice for application to the rapidly changing information society. Most legal provisions regarding privacy, security and trust were adopted some time ago. In this task it is assessed whether these provisions can still fully apply to technologies and evolutions unforeseen at the moment of adoption.

Damian and Yung Shin’s research paper focuses on the issues following from cross-border disputes in the online environment and the high costs of traditional procedural measures. The paper discusses the trustworthiness of Online Dispute Resolution mechanisms, leading to a recommendation to further clarify the existing regulation thereon, to benefit the EU market.

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