MUSES will attend the Cybersecurity and Privacy Innovation FORUM

The Cybersecurity and Privacy Innovation FORUM event will be held in Brussels on 27-28 April 2015 and MUSES will participate at it.

The CSP Innovation Forum 2015 is organised by the European Commission, DG CNECT (Unit H4 Trust & Security) and the CSP Forum. This event will include DG CNECT H2020 information sessions relating to ‘Digital Security:Cybersecurity,Privacy & Trust’ calls in 2015, and hot topical technical track sessions on challenges and issues in the Cybersecurity and Privacy Domain

The Forum is supported by the 4CLOUD, ATTPS, IPACSO, PRIPARE, SECCORD, SECURED and TREsPASS projects.

The event is an opportunity for all projects funded under European Commission, DG CNECT (Unit H4 Trust & Security), to showcase their projects activities and outputs to the wider community. To this effect, a dedicated exhibition space for each project willing to attend has been reserved.

MUSES will use this opportunity to present the current version of our Prototype: a poster and videos showing the product and real demos. Sergio Zamarripa (S2 Grupo) and Yasir Alí (Sweden Connectivity) will be the two representatives of MUSES project in this event.

Further information of the event and the MUSES experience there will be given at its conclusion.

More information about the event at