Best paper award on a paper on GQM approach of MUSES

The paper “Defining and Evaluating Software Project Success Indicators: a GQM-based Case Study”, authored by our MUSES colleagues L.Lavazza, E.Frumento, and R.Mazza has just won the Best Paper award at the recent 10th International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications (ICSOFT-EA/ICSOFT) held in Colmar from 20 to 22 July 2015.
The Best Paper Award has been conferred based on the best combined marks of paper reviewing, assessed by the Program Committee, and paper presentation quality, assessed by session chairs at the conference venue.


The GQM (Goal/Question/Metrics) method is a general purpose, goal-driven method, which has been successfully used in the evaluation of projects. The GQM provides a systematic approach to formalize the goals of a project and to refine them into a measurement plan.
GQM is at the core of the evaluation process in MUSES. With data collected at the trials carried in real production environment, up to eleven goals are being assessed, providing a complete picture of the current performance of the MUSES prototype and pointing the way to the improvements required to go from prototype to full product status

marc busch talk user research

Talk User Research in MUSES

User Research is a first important step in the user centered design of interactive technologies, products and services. The goal of user research with scientific methods is to get insights and knowledge about the situations and contexts in which new products and services are used.

The insights and knowledge can be used to adapt these to individual user needs, values and characteristics and to ensure market success of new products and services.

Marc Busch from AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH – Business Unit Technology Experience – ( will give an overview over scientifically grounded user research methods in a talk on the 30th of June. The talk will be at the event “What’s (y)our Story, Digital City Vienna?” of the Vienna Business Agency (

marc busch talk user research

Especially, the useful and practical method “Contextual Inquiry” for service and product design in a user centered manner will be presented. Examples, in which projects “Contextual Inquiry” has been successfully applied stem from current research and industrial projects in the areas information security ( and health promotion (

MUSES in the CSP Forum

MUSES participation in the CSP Forum

Last week, 28-29 April, Cyber Security and Privacy Innovation Forum 2015 (CSP Forum) took place in Brussels. Besides conferences and panels, there was an exhibition of many of the FP7 and H2020 -funded cyber security related projects. Among them, one you know very well: MUSES. Sergio Zamarripa (S2 Grupo) and Yasir Ali (Sweden Connectivity) were in charge of everything, running the stand and giving explanations and brochures to all visitors

Yasir talks about his impressions of the event:

“I think the event was certainly very helpful to meet people with interest in Cyber Security and Privacy.
Our preparation was quite good, I think, specially the videos helped a lot in order to bring people to our booth and then have a chance to explain them about MUSES.
The people we met were quite interested in MUSES and did like the idea of enforcing security policies on employees.
There were a lot of questions and interest regarding the legal impact of monitoring user behavior and how we are handling it.
Overall it was a nice experience for me as I had the chance to gather more info about Cyber security and privacy and off course explain to people what we have been doing in MUSES”

In addition to the stand, Miguel A. Juan (S2 Grupo) participated in a round table about Cyber security SMEs participating in R&D projects and helped a little with the exhibition.

The balance was very positive. Many people were very interested in MUSES results, what gives us even more motivation to make the last effort to close a successful project in the last quarter of this year.


MUSES will attend the Cybersecurity and Privacy Innovation FORUM

The Cybersecurity and Privacy Innovation FORUM event will be held in Brussels on 27-28 April 2015 and MUSES will participate at it.

The CSP Innovation Forum 2015 is organised by the European Commission, DG CNECT (Unit H4 Trust & Security) and the CSP Forum. This event will include DG CNECT H2020 information sessions relating to ‘Digital Security:Cybersecurity,Privacy & Trust’ calls in 2015, and hot topical technical track sessions on challenges and issues in the Cybersecurity and Privacy Domain Read more



The Trials of MUSES prototype #1, which started at the end of January, are still running. Currently, the experiment is about to be completed.

A total number of sixty participants of S2 Grupo staff are collaborating in MUSES validation experiment. These participants belong to Consultancy department mainly and to Valencia CERT staff, driven by S2 Grupo. All them have high knowledge of IT technologies but are not aware of MUSES behavior, to make the trials blind to the expected behavior of the system. An average of thirty participants are connected each day.

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Muses-Hackathon Results

The first MUSES-related hackathon took place during the last MUSES’s partners meeting in Granada. One main project starred the hackathon, the Muses server web based user interface, which is devoted to allow the CSO to configure and control MUSES, and to access the MUSES feedback.

This project was finally named MusesSRM, which stands for Muses Security and Risk Management GUI for MUSES server, and it has its own repository inside the MUSES project Github website:

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