Persuasive technology in the Internet of Things, a talk by Marc Busch TOMORROW

Can intelligent sensors and devices embedded in our everyday objects improve our live? AIT’s Marc Busch will answer this question in his talk on persuasive technology in the Internet of Things coming up on Wed 4th February.


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The IoT event is organized by the IoT group Vienna, a network of interested organizations in research and industry. The IoT event covers all topics related to the IoT, including behavior change, health, security and privacy.



Behavior Change in the Internet of Things – The critical role of Technology Experience of Wearable Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the power to significantly change many aspects of our everyday life. But how can we ensure that embedding intelligent sensors and devices (e.g. wearables) in our everyday objects substantially improves our live?

In a world where we face serious problems such as demographic change, growing obesity and other health risks such as alcohol and nicotine addiction it is crucial that a novel infrastructure, such as the IoT, empower us to act more responsibly. Behavior Change Support Systems (also called Persuasive Technologies) are powerful tools that can especially benefit from the opportunities of ubiquitous sensors and wearable devices in the Internet of Things. Real-time analysis of human behavior and preferences, immediate feedback and interaction with users allow opportunistic chances for interventions.

However, people are individual and they differ in their susceptibility to persuasive behavior change techniques and strategies. Furthermore, privacy concerns in the IoT arise. Technology acceptance of wearable devices can only be ensured by addressing individual differences, preferences and concerns. The talk will share design strategies and possibilities for wearable devices for behavior change and outline challenges and future perspectives of these technologies.

The business unit Technology Experience at the Austrian Institute of Technology ( offers a broad range of research services to support companies in the design and evaluation of interactive technologies.

Speaker Marc Busch has experience in the design and evaluation of persuasive technologies for promoting physical activity (, organizational security ( and in the context of wearable devices in the Internet of Things (