Ponemon report supports the objectives of MUSES, a reflection by Enrico Frumento

A recent whitepaper has been published by the Ponemon Institute which reports the costs of cybercrime. It is available for free download from here:

Among the many interesting facts we would like to highlight two pictures, Figures 7 and 8, that are particularly interesting for MUSES. Figure 7 of this report (see below) shows the different business sectors currently affected by cybecrime: despite the dominance of two sectors – energy & utilities and financial services – it has become evident that the attention of the attackers is moving to many other business areas. All of these are actively using BYODs in their services and thus this reinforces the need of a flexible, customisable and opensource framework like MUSES.


Figure 8 (see below) helps understand the situation companies are facing nowadays from a different perspective: the stealing of devices is a really important trend and here again MUSES can do something (besides services of remote wiping, which cannot be enough) by mitigating the risk that stolen and unwiped devices are used to steal important assets. Since the MUSES framework evaluates in real time the risk associated to all assets requests, several dangerous situations can be avoided (e.g. accessing an enterprise service from an unknown location and so forth).