Seminar on Persuasive Technology for Information Security coming in January

The talk, which will be delivered on Jan  27th by AIT‘s Marc Busch, will take place at Bournemouth University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Computing and Informatics within the European Network in Cyber Security.

Persuasive Technology is a vibrant field of research and practice, aiming to change the attitude or behavior of people. Persuasive technology has various different application areas, e.g. games motivating physical activity. An emerging application area is persuasive technology to increase information security and to engage people to protect their privacy. In the seminar, participants will hear about design principles for persuasive technology for promoting information security and also about methods to evaluate persuasive technology. Concrete examples and “best practices” will be given from a recent research project, in which persuasive technology is used in organizations to make employees comply with information security policies.

Marc Bush

Marc Bush

Muses Researcher

Is an active researcher at the intersection of persuasive technology and usable privacy and security, specialising also in advanced quantitative and qualitative usability and user experience methodology, research methods and statistics in Human-computer interaction.