The Trials of MUSES prototype #1, which started at the end of January, are still running. Currently, the experiment is about to be completed.

A total number of sixty participants of S2 Grupo staff are collaborating in MUSES validation experiment. These participants belong to Consultancy department mainly and to Valencia CERT staff, driven by S2 Grupo. All them have high knowledge of IT technologies but are not aware of MUSES behavior, to make the trials blind to the expected behavior of the system. An average of thirty participants are connected each day.

muses_trialThe end of this first round of trials is planned for mid-April.

Trials of MUSES prototype #1are one of the main lines of the project in this moment and in this way it was reflected in MUSES Consortium meeting held between 23rd and 26th March in Granada, where S2 Grupo presented a status report about experiment.

The big amount of information obtained from prototype #1 trials will be available for feedback and improvement of prototype #2, which is the last prototype carried out during the planned time of the project. The main lesson learned so far from prototype #1 is the need to substantially improve battery consumption.

Information gathered until this moment allows forecasting great success for MUSES final product.