It is a truth universally acknowledged that most corporate security incidents are caused by the users.

Increasing user awareness has over the past decades proven insufficient; a different approach is needed to corporate security systems that faces the following challenges:

  • users’ perception of security as a hindrance
  • mixing of personal and professional activities, either via BYOD or COPE schemes
  • information delocalization
  • access from heterogeneous devices
  • frequent changes in usage context

For the company’s point of view, what is needed is a security system  that enforces the company’s security policies while allowing the employees to carry out their work as usual, over multiple devices.

From the users point of view, the concerns include usability and respect for their privacy and personal information.

MUSESMultiplatform Usable Endpoint Security – is ready to take up the challenges.

MUSES will provide a device independent, user-centric and self-adaptive corporate security system, able to cope with the concept of seamless working experience on different devices, in which a user may start a session on a device and location and follow up the process on different ones, without corporate digital asset loss.

What MUSES is

A system that

  • Focuses on the risks introduced by the user, not by external attackers
  • Enforces corporate security policies
  • Informs users of the risk situation
  • Preserves users’ privacy
  • Allows taking advantage of opportunities

What MUSES is not

  • Prevention against risks not introduced by the user, such as targeted attacks, APTs…
  • An antivirus
  • A productivity tool
  • Big Brother for employees